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USI-5304 Smoke Detector and Ionization Alarm with Silencer (wire-in, 9v backup)

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Price: $13.99
Item #: USI-5304
MFR: USI Electric
Part #: USI-5304
USI-5204 Smoke Detector and Alarm
The 5304 model replaces the 5204

USI-5304 Smoke & Fire Alarm
(120 Volt AC Powered) with Silencer and Battery Backup, Ionization, includes Dust Cover and Battery Pull-Tab.
  • Quick Find® alarm origination feature - Patented feature easily identifies first alarm to sound in an interconnected system
  • Quick activation battery pull tab - Preserve battery life. Preinstalled battery is quickly activated without removing alarm from bracket

  • Universal mounting bracket - Fits any standard wiring junction box, single gang, round or octagon, up to 4”

  • Quick connect wiring harness - Longer 8” pigtail wires are pre-stripped

  • Larger mounting base - Covers drywall imperfections and old paint marks

  • Interconnectable - With all USI and Universal brand 120V alarm using existing wiring & mounting

  • Front-load battery drawer - Replace battery without removing alarm from bracket

  • Single silence/test button - Temporarily quiets nonemergency alarms and tests alarm functionality

  • Full-size plastic dust cover - Protects alarm from dust, debris and painting during construction or home remodeling

  • 2 tamper resistant locking features - Prevents unauthorized alarm or battery removal
  • 10-year lithium battery backup - Provides power for the life of the alarm--Model 5304L only


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