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Firex 4518 Ionization Smoke Alarm (wire-in w/9V back-up)

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Price: Discontinued Model
Item #: 4518
MFR: Firex
Part #: ADC / 4518 / 120-538B
Firex 4518 Ionization Smoke Detector and Alarm (wire-in w/9V back-up) - REPLACES the FX 1218. NOW FEATURING Latching LED!! Identifies initial alarming unit.


The manufacturer suggests the following replacement.


Replacement: i12040, i5000 or i4618.

Your current Quick-Connect Harness and Mounting Bracket (which are included with each new alarm) will need to be replaced.


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Kidde/Firex alarm replacement suggestions come directly from the manufacturer. When installing these suggested replacement alarms into an existing interconnected system we recommend you contact the manufacturer with any compatibility questions and concerns.


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